The Gametes


A direct result of corporate chemical-testing gone awry, The Gametes were unnaturally birthed into a fittingly unnatural world in the year 2017. Born under a strict, legally binding contract with their illegitimate father and CEO, Mr. Takiyama, The Gametes were raised to embody the quintessential business model. Their unique selling point: audio & visual entertainment. After years of clinical spum-trials, focus group testing and market research, The Gametes have arrived to increase revenue and brand equity to unprecedented levels.

Their wholly unique concoction of surf-rock and weird-punk delivers a synergy that will have the target market tapping their toes in a rabid frenzy (N.B- potential side-effects include feverish migraines and loss of teeth). Their live shows provide an audio & visual spectacle that no other business can replicate.

The Gametes have cultivated a new and fresh medium of corporate communication – if you wish to be a part of this technology, listen to The Gametes, share The Gametes with your loved ones, and invest in the future, today. And with the impending release of The Gametes’ debut album, the undulating sci-fi concept epic The Astronomical Calamities Of Comet Jones, pretty much anything will be possible.


Having only formed in 2017 the band have managed to find a perfect fit for their Parquet Courts-esque humour and delivery, using socially wry lyricism and a nose for an indie hook, the quartet could really be on to something.” Farout Magazine (UK)

“Brisbane, Australia group The Gametes are the latest to take part [in the RIP Records Introduces Series], and their acerbic post-punk is matched to a talent for concocting ear-worm melodies. From the barbed wire guitar line to the stuttering vocal, new cut ‘Stuck In A Turnstile’ is a wry, off kilter take on 2k17 life.” Clash Magazine (UK) 

“Stuck In A Turnstile boasts a Parquet Courts-esque commentary backed by razor-sharp post-punk guitar, part awkward intrigue, part groove with a lyrical sense of humour that sets them apart from their peers. Dig deeper into their sound with The Sweat Tapes EP and delve in the Nick Cave esque-commentary of the weird world of The Gametes, and their brash take on lightning-paced post-punk that swirls into a surf rock paradise.” Hard Of Hearing Music (UK) 

“…when you put their music into context of the Brissie scene, they are the most energetic, vibrant group around. They are weird, and more punk rock than people will probably give them credit for because it’s not in the zeitgeist of the young Brisbane music scene. In a sense, The Gametes are a result of the constant blend of indie rock music that has plagued this scene for the better part of five years. It’s almost anti-establishment by not playing by the rules that other popular bands like to. It’s punk rock.” Radio Friendly blog 

“If their goal is to make people have a good time and dance like mad, they’ve definitely succeeded. If you ever get the chance to see The Gametes live, take it as it’s definitely a bucket list kinda show.”

The Gametes’ new album The Astronomical Calamities Of Comet Jones is out now.