The Gametes

Oh woe is Comet Jones! Such a pitiful story! Such a fateful voyage! The Gametes are no strangers to ruined lives, yet even they shudder at the first piercing notes of their debut album, The Astronomical Calamities of Comet Jones.

Following the journey of Earth-based Space Diplomat, Comet Jones, as he makes first contact with new life forms and attempts to open up trade pathways for intergalactic commerce, The Gametes have created a parable for the modern age, commenting on death, greed, work and the warm embrace of sleep. “Comet Jones! You’ll never return!” chant The Gametes in the opening track, setting the stage for a odyssey doomed from the very start.

Iconic characters and hallucinatory images of unknown worlds are woven into the fabric of this verminous quilt, as Comet Jones gives into his disgusting human urges, and falls into the trappings of predatory, alien manipulation. Pay close attention to the whispers of The Man of Thumbs, a curious creature who has suffered a similar fate to our titular astro-traveller.

So tighten your harness, step into your cryogenic chamber and flick the switch to ‘sleep’! The Gametes have handcrafted 13 songs of absurd tragedy, and encourage you to slither into a new world of woe, with The Astronomical Calamities of Comet Jones.