Dumb Things

New album Time Again will be available on November 8, 2019.
Pre-orders are available now

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Dumb Things hit back with the next taste from their upcoming sophomore album, Time Again. Featuring their usual, both at times, wandering and interlocking guitars, ‘Waiting Out’ picks up where ‘Today, Tonight’ left off. The song’s words, vague and unassuming, convey the feeling of being out of place but ultimately being ok with it.

Two years after their debut self-titled album, Brisbane band Dumb Things return with the first taste of their sophomore album, Time Again. ‘Today Tonight’ polishes the sunburnt pop patented on their debut to a sheen, but leaves the edges on. The luminous guitars swirl around one another, underpinned by lyrics that cast a simultaneously romantic and cynical eye on the work, tv, sleep, repeat cycle.

Crash Barrier
Written in a half-forgotten outer suburb jam room, the music is layered, but the writing is sharp. Small details are magnified over a meandering cross-country drive. The guitars are in constant conversation with each other, swapping stories which feel simultaneously nostalgic and indifferent