Spiral Stairs

“Having helped define ‘90s alt.rock with Pavement, Kannberg here turns felicitous rock classicist.” UNCUT

“a refreshing change of pace for Spiral Stairs” STEREOGUM

You don’t need to scratch far below the surface to discover Spiral Stairs’ ongoing love affair with his adopted Australia. Happy and upbeat and with lyrics proudly referencing Paul Kelly’s song about Shane Warne (“that kills!”) for now obligatory Aussie colour, new single The Fool is a perfect earworm that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the sourest dial.

Kannberg has been honing his songcraft towards perfection ever since Pavement pulled up stumps at the tail-end of last millennium, and he’s turned defiantly and delectably retro on We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized which is his most refined and accomplished effort today, surpassing even 2017’s previous effort Doris & The Daggers which was lauded globally as his ‘best release since the halcyon days of Pavement’.

One of the most influential figures from the ‘90s indie rock boom is growing and evolving and making some of the finest music of his revered career, check it out and then come get hypnotised by the awesome powers of rock’n’roll when this bona fide music legend brings We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized to Australia! Alter your state of mind with Spiral Stairs!


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