Coolin’ By Sound to Join Forces with Full Power Happy Hour

Self-titled Debut Album Out March 19, 2021 through Coolin’ By Sound/Redeye

Limited Edition Emerald Green LP – 200 Worldwide.

“Sumptuous The Clean style jangle with added smoky, modern day Australiana. Fans of anything Dunedin and Triple J may have just found a new Aussie (Brisbane) favourite !!!” Janglepop Hub

“a real lovely jangly, country leaning jam to get you swaying along in the arvo sun.” Declan Byrne – Home & Hosed

“…sun-kissed folk rock with great melodies. You can tell that it’s summer in Australia.” We Love That Sound

“Less ramshackle than The Mekons, and less twang-y than some country acts, the material on Full Power Happy Hour is very, very good. I can’t imagine someone not loving this whole record as much as I did.” A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

Meanjin-Brisbane alt-country/indie-folk five-piece Full Power Happy Hour and independent label Coolin’ By Sound (Dumb Things, Tape/Off, Spiral Stairs) are delighted to announce that they’re joining forces to release Full Power Happy Hour’s eponymous debut album in March 2021!

Full Power Happy Hour formed in late-2018 having met in and around the fertile Brisbane punk scene. The band was designed to give voice to singer-songwriter Alex Campbell’s growing arsenal of tunes inspired by the ‘60s folk singers with whom she’d been infatuated for years such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, beautiful tracks requiring more space and restraint than vigour and volume.

The five-piece band that eventually coalesced – with Campbell (vocals/guitar) joined by Grace (guitar/vocals), Caroline (bass/vocals), Finn (tambourine/vocals) and Joe (drums) – organically helped to develop the thrilling and sparse new aesthetic, whereby Campbell’s compelling lyrics and beautiful vocal range was now backed by an outfit fusing the ramshackle gang bonhomie of The Pogues with the more modern indie rock sensibilities of The Clean, with results that are 100% Full Power Happy Hour!

With Full Power Happy Hour having built a strong and loyal following with their buoyant and joyful live shows, and their debut release The Fun EP (2019) having already topped the 4ZZZ Top 20 chart, they’ve now joined forces with Coolin’ By Sound – whose most recent release, Adam Gibson’s There’s A Name For This Feeling: The Songs of Adam Gibson, debuted at #1 on the AIR Independent Album Chart back in April – to release their eponymous debut album, Full Power Happy Hour, in February 2021!

To celebrate this exciting new partnership Full Power Happy Hour’s lead single ‘Old Mind Of Mine’ – described by Weirdo Wasteland as a “sublime sample of sun-dappled indie pop” – is now available on all major streaming platforms, along with the brand new single ‘Steely Fences’, the perfect introduction to this wonderful new band and their compelling debut LP!

Full Power Happy Hour’s debut album Full Power Happy Hour Will be released by Coolin’ By Sound/ Redeye Worldwide on March 19, 2021.

Listen to ‘Old Mind Of Mine’ and new single ‘Steely Fences’

Marnie Vaughn – Producer, Director and Editor 
Nathan Kearney – Assistant Director


The Eastern, Ballarat
w/ Apex Bloom + Meraki Minds. More Info

The Old Bar, Melbourne
w/ Girlatones + The Tropes More Info
Tickets $15 at the door

Leftys, Brisbane
w/ Camping + The Double Happiness. More Info
Tickets $15 + booking fee

Sonic Sherpa, Brisbane
FREE. All ages instore

Sydney Artist Adam Gibson Set to Release Career Overview


Adam Gibson’s The Songs Of Adam Gibson is out on 2-LP vinyl and CD through Coolin’ By Sound/Redeye.

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“Adam Gibson writes from the heart, from the street, about the place that moves him most. Ripper real words that are well worth checking out.” Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil)

“Adam Gibson looks let to join the ranks of fine Australian musical storytellers such as Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas” The Sunday Telegraph

“Sometimes you can’t go back, you can never go back – and yet if anyone can take you there it’s Adam Gibson.”
Mick Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything)

“Look, I’ll get straight to the point – Adam Gibson made me want to move to Melbourne. I was living in LA when it was brought to my attention that there was a song that featured me quite prominently. Not me, really, but Angie Hart, the one that Adam remembers.” Angie Hart (Frente)

New compilation The Songs Of Adam Gibson collates on vinyl for the first time the cream of the epic Australiana conjured by Sydney wordsmith and poet Adam Gibson, accumulated during his tenures with acclaimed outfits Modern Giant, The Aerial Maps and The Ark-Ark Birds between 2004 and the present day.

That’s 16 years of sweat, toil and creativity – itself pre-empted by a lifetime soaking in the essence of Australia and what it means to be Australian – condensed into four sides of wax, 16 favoured tracks representing the entire storied canon.

Throughout the beguiling collection of literate, distinctly-Australian narratives Gibson’s laconic, spoken-word delivery proves effortlessly entrancing, the unforced wisdom of his evocative recollections and thought-provoking asides intoxicating in their candour and detail.

Whether looking back fondly on the carefree Australia of his youth – meat pies, custard tarts, Hills Hoist backyards, Galaga, Sunnyboys, long drives in hot cars, mozzie zappers, The Sullivans on TV and Dennis Lillee driveways – or more adult concerns such as employment, death, mateship and the lure of adventure in far-flung climes, the themes become universal in Gibson’s adept hands as he squeezes meaning and beauty from the minutiae and mundanity of the everyday.

Riding atop beautiful music which perfectly aligns with both Gibson’s delivery and the meaning inherent in his words – provided by a rotating cast of bandmates including the towering figure of much-missed ex-Hummingbirds legend Simon Holmes – these songs both entertain and educate, encapsulating both the wide open expanses of our country and the quirks of our cities and sprawling suburbia.

At a time when Australia’s national identity is being challenged more than ever this as-yet-unheralded body of work becomes uniquely important – a cache of Australian songs in a distinctly Australian voice and vernacular which provide context and empathy for the Australian experience. In this regard Adam Gibson without doubt deserves to be mentioned alongside artists such as Paul Kelly, Peter Garrett, Mick Thomas, David McComb, Robert Forster and Grant McLennan in the great pantheon of Aussie storytellers.

To celebrate the release of The Songs Of Adam Gibson the current incarnation of The Aerial Maps – featuring Peter Fenton (Crow) and Alannah Russack (The Hummingbirds) – will be embarking on a national tour to bring the songs to thrilling life.


1. On The Punt

2. The Band’s Broken Up

3. Heartbeat

4. Be Home Before The Streetlights Go On

5. Long Time Dead

6. Trivia Night

7. Indian-Pacific

8. The Years Nobody Cared What You Did

9. Salvation Road

10. New York ’54

11. Angie Hart

12. London Still Exists

13. Dead Europe (Need To Go Home)

14. Blanchey (You Were Beautiful)

15. The Great Australian Silence

16. Belanglo, Byron And The Road Between


What other critics have said about Adam Gibson:

“The fact that throughout [In The Blinding Sunlight] the lyrics name-check or allude to Paul Kelly, Weddings Parties Anything, The Triffids, Hunters & Collectors, Midnight Oil and The Go-Betweens is more than coincidental – The Aerial Maps fit perfectly into this pantheon of bands, acts who thrived on documenting Australian life and experiences with an objective detachment that transcends parochialism or the dreaded cultural cringe.” Time Off, Brisbane

“With a spoken word delivery that is like Jack Kerouac meets Billy Bragg meets Robert Forster, Gibson leads the listener to a place of long roads, empty small towns and a general landscape that has a sense of the humans merely being transitive figures who will soon be forgotten after the dust from their wheels fades and they disappear over the far horizon.” Time On Mag  (UK)

 “[The Sunset Park] is so finely drawn that is like a screenplay for your mind … an Australian classic. You must hear it.” Courier-Mail, Brisbane

“The Aerial Maps are surely headed for that esteemed space occupied by Australia’s finest – those whose music is Australia.” Drum Media, Sydney

“The Aerial Maps are poised to become one of the most valuable bands in the country, illuminating a dark and mysterious Australian gothic in song.” Inpress Magazine, Melbourne

“There’s an incredible boldness to the Aerial Maps. Literally traveling from one side of the country to the other, The Sunset Park surveys an Australia neglected by so many bands.” Mess & Noise

“There is no other Aussie act quite like The Aerial Maps. This should be a stage show” MAG

“This reminds me of films by David Caesar (Mullet, Prime Mover); vernacular widescreen Australia with no gloss, a sense of melancholy, a road well-travelled.” The Age, Melbourne

Dumb Things release new single Today Tonight

Directed by Kale McRedmond

Dumb Things have just released a new film clip for Time Again’s second single Today Tonight – the song having already received massive support from community radio all over the country – which was directed by Kale McRedmond and perfectly encapsulates the summer-tinged guitar jangle for which the band is already renowned, with the interspersed footage of mid-twentieth century Brisbane spliced throughout the clip a further nod to their parochial Queensland pedigree.

Today Tonight polishes the sunburnt pop patented on Dumb Things’ 2017 debut album to a sheen, but leaves the edges firmly in place. The luminous guitars swirl around one another in a gently enticing haze, underpinned by lyrics that cast a simultaneously romantic and cynical eye on the work, TV, sleep, repeat cycle.

The video for Today Tonight captures the song’s spirit perfectly. Filmed entirely on location at St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall in Ipswich, the abundance of sunlight permeating every nook and cranny of the hall’s vast interiors Dumb Things do their thing offsets the inherent ‘olden days charm’ of the locale as well as encapsulating the single’s shimmering, sun- dappled aura.

They even brazenly roped in a couple of local legends from a wedding across the road to play the senior citizens admiring Dumb Things’ inimitable handiwork as they ran through the song onstage to an otherwise empty hall, further adding to the clip’s sublimely naïve allure.

The interspersed footage of mid-twentieth century Brisbane spliced throughout the clip is a further nod to Dumb Things’ parochial Queensland pedigree, evoking nostalgia for a simpler time via landmarks that are instantly recognisable despite being ravaged by the passing of time. Time Again is the newest release to capture the fabled That Striped Sunlight Sound first championed by The Go-Betweens back in the day to \ describe the indefinable but distinct essence found in certain music originating from Queensland’s sub-tropics. Dumb Things’ music is a natural reflection of their physical surroundings – the endless blue skies, the isolation, the humidity, the torpor – filtered through their own lives and experiences and turned into art that’s laidback but poignant, the lackadaisical delivery masking massive depth and substance.

Today Tonight follows the album’s equally catchy first single Crash Barrier which dropped in late-2018 to great acclaim, with respected NYC blog Cereal & Sounds offering: “Brisk undercurrents set by agile percussions make a pillowy bed for the luminous guitars that sporadically interject. Featuring less twang and more breeze, the track emphasises on the nostalgia summoned by unlikely inspirations.”

Dropping on Friday 8 November through Coolin’ By Sound, Time Again is bound to soundtrack many a southern summer (and hopefully bring solace to many a northern winter as well). No lying low for these Dumb Things, throw your hat into the ring today!

Dumb Things’ Time Again is out digitally through Coolin’ By Sound/Redeye on Friday 8 November. Vinyl LP out November 22, 2019.

Pre-order / Pre-save Album

Spiral Stairs Releases New Single

Directed by Joe Salinas

One of the most influential voices from the ‘90s indie rock movement, former Pavement co-founder Spiral Stairs has a brand new single Hyp-No-Tized and is playing a run of shows in Australia this April to celebrate!

The new tune – the first taste of the phenomenal new album We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized which drops this March – is a brash and joyous number which nods to everything from The Fall to Iggy Pop to Roxy Music, laden with both horns and hooks as well as an infectious call-and-response chorus, Kannberg shouting inscrutable slogans over the enticing cacophony.

These days living with his Australian wife and family on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Spiral Stairs bounced back into the public consciousness in 2017 with the release of his acclaimed second solo album Doris & The Daggers – reviews all over the world gleefully trumpeting the album as his best work since the halcyon days of Pavement – and We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tizedgalvanises his return with a batch of catchy earworm songs bursting with confidence and top-notch musicality.

Excitingly Australian fans will be experience these new songs in the flesh this April as Spiral Stairs returns armed with the We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized album to spread his good-time gospel at Tallarook’s beloved Boogie Festival as well as select headlining shows in Melbourne, Ballarat and Brisbane.

This ain’t no magic trick nor lazy rhetoric, come be hypnotised by an indie rock icon steadfastly refusing to rest on his laurels!

PS: Spiral Stairs’ lengthy stints living in Australia are well-documented, but rumours that Hyp-No-Tized started its life named I Wanna Head-Butt Barnesy are probably just that: rumours.

We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized will be released March 22 via Nine Mile Records & Coolin’ By Sound.

Tape/Off Release New Video
‘Wake In Fright’
ahead of BIGSOUND shows

Filmed by Andrew Wade, Allan Allport and Jordan Cosic
Edited by Branko Cosic

Down here in our prominent Southern Hemisphere locale we like to think of ourselves as a civilised lot, but there’s something about the Australian identity that just cannot be divorced from our actual position as a far-flung bastion of humanity.

Whether it’s our convict heritage, the natural danger that surrounds us on all sides or simply the implicit terror of the tracts of vast, open spaces that constitute our Aussie outback, there’s something in the Australian psyche that accepts the fear inherent in our surroundings as a vicissitude of daily life. It’s our burden, and ours alone, unless you unwisely see fit to step into our backyard…

The new single Wake In Fright by Brisbane indie rock four-piece Tape/Off distils this existential outback dread into three-and-a-half minutes of ferocious intensity, a claustrophobic burst of manic energy rife with thinly-veiled malevolence.

Stemming from Tape/Off’s recently-released second album Broadcast Park, both the song and its brand new film clip – the brainchild of Andrew Wade, Allan Allport and Jordan Cosic – were strongly influenced by the cult 1971 Ozploitation flick Wake In Fright, both track and clip rife with gorgeous Australian outback vistas and equally harrowing Australian tyranny of distance.

Tape/Off are thrilled to be making their first appearance at leading Aussie festival BIGSOUND at the start of September, as well as an appearance at Brisbane shindig Valley Fiesta in the lead-up to those festivities.

And they’re already in a position to unveil some favourable industry results with the announcement that Tape/Off have signed a management deal with Joe Woolley of Alien Lane Management – whose roster includes beloved Bris-bands Screamfeeder and WE ALL WANT TO – as well as unveiling their excellent new website which can be found at

With all the current uncertainty on the Australian political landscape you can at least rest assured that Tape/Off will deliver on their promise – devour the new clip for Wake In Fright then come check out the action for yourself when they roar back into life this September!


Valley Fiesta
The Zoo, 711 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley
w/ The Jensens, Seaside, Spirit Bunny Free Entry

The Valley Drive-In, 27 Warner Street, Fortitude Valley

Crowbar Black, 243 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

What critics said about Tape/Off’s new album Broadcast Park:

“…gritty, raw and thick, full of misleading lulls presented here as potholes on a dirt road… malaise meets rage at its most percussive and poignant…the sound of someone who has finally had enough and is ready to speak up”  The Music

“On their follow-up to acclaimed 2014 debut album Chipper, Brisbane indie rockers Tape/Off once again blend aggressive fuzz-heavy guitars, off-kilter melodies and restless energy to stunning effect.” Sunday Mail

“Delving into universal questions such as existentialism, the male psyche, societal conventions and restrictions, familial bonds, and the myth of life on the road, the band uses their indie rock ‘n’ roll style to create compelling music that makes you both think and feel.” Music Is My Muse

“Marking the first new music in four years from the Brissie quartet, Broadcast Park was certainly worth the wait; it’s a tough and tenacious outing that seamlessly balances its scruffy, frayed edges with restless rumination – come for the fuzz, stay for the feels.” The Soundcheck

Brisbane Outfit The Gametes Launch
New Single The Man Of Thumbs

In just 12 months young Brisbane four-piece The Gametes have left an indelible mark on the rich local scene with their unique, absurdist approach to performance and manic punk energy.

The new instalment in the space tragi-comedy surrounding Space-Diplomat Comet Jones introduces new protagonist The Man Of Thumbs. A short-but-powerful parable for modern times, the hook-laden tracks surmises that even though they “took their rest, took their sanity” that all is fine when “production output efficiency is better than ever”.

The Gametes, in accordance with The Takiyama Corp. Proliferation Protocol, are proud to bring you this exclusive message:

The Gametes’ FRESH, UNIQUE new single, The Man Of Thumbs, has FINALLY arrived into the hands of the consumers, and not a minute too soon! Using REAL-TIME DATA from Takiyama Corp.’s EXTENSIVE satellite network and INTER-PLANETARY drones, the band has once again proven that GREAT RESEARCH and OBEDIENCE can indeed breed GREAT RESULTS. 

Adding a NEW CHAPTER to the sprawling, epic parable of Space-Diplomat Comet Jones, The Gametes introduce to you a new character, THE MAN OF THUMBS, an UNSIGHTLY vermin with a TRAGIC past. The Gametes invite you to LAUGH, CRY, and experience other HUMAN EMOTIONS as you are pulled into the piteous world of The Man Of Thumbs

Despite some feeble protests from The Gametes, C.E.O Mr. Takiyama is happy to announce that the new single WILL be launched on the FIRST NIGHT of The Gametes’ residency at THE FOUNDRY, May 4th, at the STROKE OF MIDNIGHT. There, patrons can gain a keen insight into the research processes of Takiyama Corp. with a LIVE TESTING EVENT. 

Beyond that, The Gametes will be continuing on the residency on May 18th with the PREMIERE of THE GAMETES MOVIE: Written, directed, produced, edited by The Gametes, with an original score played LIVE by The Gametes. Though strict NDA’s limit information on the final night of the residency, May 25th, all that can be released is the title, the world record-breaking event: LUMPFEST 2018. 


The Man of Thumbs Single Launch
Midnight – Free entry more info

The Gametes’ Movie premiere
Midnight – Free entry more info

Midnight – Free entry more info

 The Gametes’ new album
The Astronomical Calamities Of Comet Jones
will be released through Coolin’ By Sound this August.

Tape/Off Return with New Single
Day In, Day Out


Much-loved Brisbane indie-rock iconoclasts Tape/Off return from a lengthy layoff with a rollicking new single Day In, Day Out – the first taste of their long-awaited second album Broadcast Park – and to celebrate are announcing a string of launch shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide!

Brimming with Tape/Off’s trademark fuzzed-out catchiness, the aggressively chiming guitars and driving rhythms of Day In, Day Out mirror the track’s urgent narrative of social breakdown amidst a backdrop of class division and social apathy. It’s a snapshot of a world where empathy for one’s fellow man is firmly a relic of the past – “Get a job mate, get a fucking job! Get a haircut!” – and ends with frontman Nathan Pickels spitting “Ritual disgust” in a totemic display of societal despair, seeming to sense that perhaps there is no solution to this modern malaise.

Tape/Off’s acclaimed debut Chipper (Sonic Masala) came out to much fanfare back in 2014, making the longlist for that year’s AMP award and spawning the singles Pedestal Fan and Different Order as it loudly announced the foursome as an act to be reckoned with.

A standalone single Let’s Have A Baby followed in 2015, but Broadcast Park due in July through Brisbane indie label Coolin’ By Sound (Thigh Master, Shrapnel, Spiral Stairs) – is their first substantial body of work in four years, and let’s just say that the wait has paid handsome dividends.

But first Tape/Off have the Day In, Day Out single launch shows to navigate. The stalwarts of the Brisbane scene have played alongside a swag of international acts such as Royal Blood, Kurt Vile, Pity Sex, Earthless and Future Of The Left as well as homegrown bands including Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays, Screamfeeder, The Peep Tempel, Batpiss and Harmony (to name just a few), and they’re itching to get back on the road to reintroduce their thrilling live show to interstate crowds.

So embrace the nihilistic rush of Day In, Day Out and prepare for much more thrilling music where that came from, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of Tape/Off!

Spiral Stairs Releases New Album
Doris & The Daggers


Doris & The Daggers out through Coolin’ By Sound (Aus/NZ).

Limited Edition 12″ on St Kilda coloured vinyl

with bonus Australian only 7″ featuring Vultures Of Caboolture and Pig City.

Buy Doris and the Daggers

Watch the video for Dance (Cry Wolf),
starring Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle

Shrapnel Release Debut Album


“Tranceplanetsugarmouth rewards well beyond the initial prominence of its guitar-led assault. It’s an album of genuine depth, where bitterness and silliness and premature mid-life crisis self-evaluation and blank-canvas experimentation all find a way to be mongrelled into an honest snapshot, without becoming slowed by an over-analyses of the specifics”    Rolling Stone Australia

Shrapnel burst into life a couple of years ago as the bedroom project of Wilkinson (Day Ravies, Mope City, Beef Jerk) but soon morphed into a full-blown band with the addition of like-minded souls from both his old projects as well as fellow indie outfits such as Miners, Weak Boys, Dollar Bar and Julia Why?

Buy Tranceplanetsugarmouth

Watch the first video Another Year

Thigh Master Release Debut Album
Early Times


“With the album’s majority — Ford’s angst-edged cynicism undercutting the catchy-as-f**k and perfectly unpretentious sharehouse guitar-pop”   Rolling Stone Australia

“what shines through is surprisingly canny, intimately droll, and some of the most quintessentially Brisbane sounds on offer.”   The Music

Recorded and mixed by Luke Walsh (Blank Realm) between late-2013 and early-2016, Early Times is an accomplished collection of angsty indie rock gems which should introduce Thigh Master to many more pairs of fresh ears in coming months.

Buy Early Times

Watch the first video Company, Produced & Directed by Helena Papageorgiou